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The Phoenix
The Dreamers Academy
The Dreamers Academy

The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change (The Phoenix) “The Dreamers Academy” targets urban male youth, African and Hispanic American males specifically and all urban children as a whole, who are at risk of embarking on a life of crime or academic failure as part of a Deterrent program. The objective of this program is to Build Character, Cultivate Self-Discipline, Self-Awareness, increase Educational Achievement and foster Positive outcomes through Mentorship, Positive “Real World” Exposure and Educational reinforcement.

The Dreamers Academy

Educational and Social Development Program

The Dreamers Academy Educational and Social Development Program is a fee-based, program offered during the academic school year. There is a need to reach out to urban males specifically who are “at risk” because of an incarcerated parent, school discipline issues, involvement in gang activity, or chronic attendance issues and or academic failure, before they are tempted to go down the wrong path. Other risk factors may include:

· Single Parent Families · Absentee Father/Mother

· Drug and|or Alcohol Addiction (Past or Present)

· History of Abuse or Neglect · Truancy 

· Mental Health Issues

· Being in or having ever been in Foster Care

The Dreamers Academy
Summer Intensive and Internship Program

The Dreamers Academy Summer Intensive and Internship program is designed to accomplish several tasks for potentially At-Risk students. The primary focuses are to reinforce academic success and achievement, cultivate an interest in a career based on exposure, mentorship through minority professionally sponsored internships, culturally sponsored motivational speakers and culturally motivating and educational field trips.



The Dreamers Academy

Program Specifics

The Dreamers Academy, an urban deterrent program for at risk youth, is comprised of two primary components. The first component is a “Year Round” academic program aimed at specifically ensuring that all participants maximize their educational experience by being supported to be successful in their educational and life endeavors during the academic school year. The second component is the (Summer Intensive) Summer Camp. This program is designed to make significant impact in a student’s life and academic progress during an intensive, summer camp utilizing a myriad of strategies, activities, lectures, speakers, field trips etc. to maximize overall success both in and outside of the academic setting.

(Educational Aspect)

Specifically this aspect of the program is aimed at helping both students and parents have a good education experience. This program aims to have students have a successful school year at the school they attend. This will be achieved by supplementing the educational environment with reinforcement in areas such as educational achievement; via homework assistance and tutoring, behavioral support; via individual and group counseling, recreational activities, mentoring, partnership with teachers and campus administration, which will create a better overall behavioral outcome on the student’s campus. 

(Life / Social Skills Aspect)

Specifically this aspect of the program is designed to ensure that students are not only growing and achieving academically but also developing and becoming better citizens through learning and being able to effectively progress in every stage of life by the attainment of life and social skills. This will be achieved by providing real world exposure to jobs, careers, Collegiate and Technical Educational settings, by fostering growth and development of interpersonal  and communications skills etc. Students will also develop these skills through lectures, field trips to businesses and industry. Students will also have networking opportunities with other students in similar programs, team building exercises and intermural sports activities and community service projects.

Problematic Behaviors to be addressed:

  • Truancy
  • Drop out
  • Academic failure
  • Violent Tendencies
  • Incarceration
  • Lack of Respect for Adults / Authority
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Low Self Worth
  • Bad Attitudes and Outlooks (Life and Future)

Components of program to include:

  • Year Round Educational Support (Tutoring / Advocacy with School Officials)
  • Supervised Recreation
  • Group | Individual counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural and Educational Field Trips
  • Annual Summer Camp
  • Special Guest Motivational Speakers
  • Ambassador Program (Using Peer Counseling)
  • Incentives (clothing, shoes, dances, talent shows, sporting events, access to celebrities and low cost program available to parents)

Core curriculum to include:

  • Literacy Development
  • Community Service Projects
  • Team Building
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Domestic Violence (Black-on-Black crime)
  • Public Speaking & Image Consulting
  • Cultural | Historical Studies
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Anger Management
  • Performing Arts
  • Internship | Enrichment Program
    • An assessment of career choice
    • Community Partnership Pairing
    • Stipend

About Us

About Us
About Us

The Dreamers Academy

Program Specifics

{Program Days, Dates, Times and Cost}

Program Days

The “Year Round” Program will be administered with two different pathways. The first pathway is geared for students who are considered minimally “at risk” based on a few of the many factors governing the programs admission. This program pathway will be carried out two times per week, meeting every Tuesday @ 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., as well as Saturdays @ 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. . The second pathway, which is geared for students who are considered “more” “at risk” than the average program participant, is based on being a student who has a high number of contributing at risk factors. In addition to the aforementioned days, the Second Pathway will also meet on Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Program Dates (Year Round Program)

The “Year Round” Program will begin in the Fall of 2020, specifically the first semester of school for students in the 2020 -2021 academic school year. The program will have initial parent / student Orientation and Registration to be announced. The program will also have additional parent / student Orientation and Registration at a time and location to be nnounced as we get closer to the beginning of the 2020 -2021 academic school year.  

Program Costs

The purpose of our programming is to give a much-needed service to the community and society as a whole. As such, our fees will be based on a sliding scale, based on total household income and program need. Students who are applying to the First Pathway, which meets twice a week, will have to pay a weekly fee of no less than $25.00 per week billed in two week or monthly increments. This rate will be for a parent or parents with a combined annual household income of less than $50,000.00 per year. A parent or Parents with a combined annual household income of more than $50,000.00 per year but less than $100,000.00 will pay no less than 35.00 per week billed in two week or monthly increments. Parents with a combined annual income of more than $100,000.00 per year will pay no less than$50.00 per week billed in two-week or monthly increments.

The Second Pathway, which meets three times per week, will have the following fee schedule. Students applying for the Second Pathway program whose parents have a combined household income of less than $50,000.00 per year will pay a weekly fee of no less than $35.00 per week billed in two-week or monthly increments. Students whose parents have more than $50,000 combined annual household income but less than $100,000.00 will pay no less than $45.00 per week billed in two week or monthly increments. Students applying to the program whose parents have a total combined monthly income of more than $100,000.00 in combined income will pay a weekly fee of no less than $60.00 per week.

It is also important to know that participants in this program will also be responsible for the standard uniform for all participants. This uniform will be used for outings, community service projects etc. The standard uniform (Class A) will consist of an embroidered Blazer, white shirt (Button Down Oxford) and tie, Khaki Pants, black dress shoes, socks and or hosiery for female students. The standard uniform (Class B) will consist of an embroidered polo shirt, Khaki Pants and or skirt (Female Students) black dress socks or hosiery for female students, black dress shoes. (Class B) will be the official Uniform for the Spring semester and (Class A) will be the official uniform for the Fall semester. All Shirts, Blazers and Ties must be purchased from our approved vendor. Khaki Pants, Skirts, Black Dress Shoes, socks and or hosiery are at the discretion of the parent but must meet the program guidelines and standards. No baggy clothing, no tight clothing or otherwise inappropriate attire for the program. The Director has complete discretion to deem a student’s attire as unacceptable.

Profile of a Graduate
Profile of a Graduate

The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change

"Dreamers Academy"

Profile of Graduate

Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduate) has Respect, a Rigorous Academic Foundation, Social Skills, Strong Character, and Strong Morals and is…   


…equipped with skills for life.

Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduates) exhibit grit and determination in all aspects of life; respect self and others; engage in healthy life choices; are literate and articulate; proficient with technology; and meaningfully and practically apply knowledge in productive ways.


a servant leader.

 Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduates) demonstrate confidence while maintaining a humble and kind demeanor; prioritizing the needs of others while accepting responsibility for themselves and are accountable for their own actions; are optimistic; and strive to bring out the best in others.


an effective communicator

Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduates) communicate clearly both orally and in writing; respectfully and actively listen to others; appropriately engage in courageous conversations; and appropriately adapt their communication style to the audience.


a critical thinker. 

Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduates) are visionary and solutions-oriented problem solvers; are inquisitive and innovative; and have the courage to actively challenge conventional methods in order to improve themselves and the world around them.


a compassionate citizen.

Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduates) are empathetic to their fellow citizens, exhibiting care and concern for others; are inclusive and embrace differences; are culturally aware; actively engage in improving our diverse community; exercise their right to vote; and are dependable, respectful, trustworthy, and self-disciplined.


…a collaborative team member.

Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduates) work effectively with others to achieve group goals; take actions that respect the needs and contributions of others; yield their own objectives to the goals of the team; and positively facilitate and contribute to teamwork.


…a life-long learner.

Phoenix Consortium (Dreamers Academy Graduates) approach life with wonder and curiosity; seek opportunities to be creative; possess a thirst for knowledge and the ability to adapt to change; and are academically prepared to pursue and attain futures beyond what they can imagine! 

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Contact Us

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