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The Phoenix

The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change was founded by Bishop A. Leon Williams Sr. as a response to the social phenomena that exists in the urban community, specifically within the African American and Hispanic communities. Our focus is to take a multi faceted approach to "Real Change" by addressing issues that plague these communities in a realistic and systematic way using proven, research based and evidenced based methods to create better holistic outcomes in the aforementioned communities.

The Vision of The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change is to be come a viable and reliable source of "Real Change" within Urban Communities. We envision being an organization that is a catalyst for sustained change and impact in Urban communities. We envision better, vibrant and viable communities, with stronger families, that produce a more morally sound, educated, empowered and informed class of youth. We also envision a more informed and economically empowered urban community, complete with thriving businesses and involvement in its sustainment.

The Mission of The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change, a non-profit organization, is to rehabilitate, educate, empower and facilitate socio-economical change within urban communities. Our Mission will be accomplished using our 5 "E" Model. We will actively

1. Engage all citizens, specifically families, parents and community stake-holders about the issues and proposed solutions and involve them in creating solutions.

2. Educate the citizens in the communities ,families and parents in general, and the youth (students), specifically.

3. Equip the citizens, specifically youth (students) and their parents with knowledge of solutions and tangible resources to combat current and future issues and or problems.

4. Empower the citizens, specifically youth (students) and their parents to better themselves through education (PK-12) and exposure to the benefits of Higher Education.

5. Evolve the entire "Community" citizens, families, parents, youth (students), stake-holders etc. Through providing programs for things such as alternatives to incarceration, after school programs that support cultural,social and educational growth, home ownership programs etc. Summer Intensive programs that provide youth (students) with opportunities to learn about their history and higher education, while improving their overall social, emotional and  academic ability, as well as exposing them to industries through internships."We" The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change will "Evolve" these communities by being the catalyst and or change agent needed to bring about change for all members of the aforementioned communities, by investing in its most precious resource, its youth (students).

Meeting of the Minds

Today's social problems exist in a complex and interdependent world that requires collective action.  Meeting of the Minds brings together thought leaders to address urban social issues.

Shifting from isolated to Meeting of the Minds impact is not merely a matter of encouraging more collaboration or public-private partnerships.  It requires a systemic approach to achieving outcomes that focuses on the relationships between organizations and the creation of shared objectives and accountability.

Meeting of the Minds will allow us to explore the framework of collective impact and coordination of critical initiatives to achieve maximum success.

How can you benefit from the Meeting of the Minds impact framework?
Meeting of the Minds offers a framework to think about how we collectively support regional economies, how we implement sector strategies, and even how we achieve integration with partner agencies. It applies equally well to other local and regional efforts that address African American male imprisonment rates, deterioration of African American families, and in general, how we promote community and economic development. In short, it provides a process framework to actually help us make partnerships and collaboration successful with all of our key stake-holders including criminal justice departments, business and industry, economic development, workforce development and education.
    The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change

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